We are your contact for voice recordings in all European and many other world languages. All our speakers are experienced “native” professionals, who we refer to you only after careful testing. The majority have consistently proven their professionalism over many years of work for our agency.

Voice Samples

The list of voice samples you can listen to on this website is constantly updated with new entries; we are always looking for highly qualified professionals. Please contact us if you are looking for someone special, like a native speaker of a rare language, or speakers who are not listed on this website. Finding new professional speakers and testing them carefully is our daily challenge. Some of our speakers have expressed the wish to remain anonymous; therefore, we have marked the samples by code rather then by name (e.g. German M1; English W5, etc.) The letter “M” denotes a male voice, the letter “W” a female voice, and young voices are marked with the letter “K”. We can, of course, mail you single samples as mp3 files upon request.

Needless to say, additional voice demos of each speaker in our online directory are available upon request .


Many of our speakers also work as moderators. We are able to offer you male and female moderators in many European languages.


Many of our speakers are also professional translators and / or writers. With any voice-recording we can offer you an “all-in-one” service including translation. This also guarantees that your translation will be provided by a “native” spaker.

Recording Studios

We work with the top professional recording studios in Vienna, offering fast and efficient results. Of course you can also communicate directly with any other studio of your choice via ISDN (or via a normal telephone connection), giving direction without any time delay whatsoever.


Our prices are in accordance with the recommendations from “VOICE”, (the Austrian) Association of Speakers and Actors, and from “AKZENTFREI”, The International Society of Speakers and Actors. We calculate our estimates individually, depending on both the type and the extent of your project. For this reason, we request that you describe not only the type of project (TV or radio spot, documentary, announcements, etc.) but also the exact extent (time length of the spot in seconds, amount of words for image films or other voice recordings, etc.).

Gianfranco Licandro